General topics group

From masterly wisdom to business development.

From the combination between sensitivity and tradition, handed down from generation to generation, and a clear inclination towards the infinite potential offered by scientific research, in 1992, General Topics was founded as a result of the work and passion of Dr Gianfranco de Paoli Ambrosi.


Passion for research
and constant evolution

Research that started back in 1987, focused on understanding the complex, and to some extent overlapping, biological mechanisms underlying the skin’s biomechanical properties and the process of wound healing, has led to the creation of the first General Topics branded product, SYNCHROLINE Terproline. Over the past 30 years, the company has dedicated its passion and energies to finding effective and safe solutions for various skin conditions and diseases. As a result of the over 90 patents extended internationally, the following business units were created: SYNCHROLINE – Scientifically Proven Skin Solutions, TEBITECH – Technology and Biotechnologies for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery; and FILLAST – Technological Luxury Cosmetics.

mission & vision

We are proud of our past. Future-oriented.

The mission of General Topics is to improve the health of the skin and body of its consumers through the research and development of scientific, patented and innovative products, technologies and biotechnologies.
General Topics aims to «cover» the main markets in the fields of «dermocosmetics» or «cosmoceuticals», medical devices for home and professional use, and «luxury cosmetics». Over 150 products have been developed and are produced and marketed by the company.

General Topics’ vision is to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible through the most innovative, safe, effective and sustainable cosmetics and medical devices.
From conception of the idea to the experimental verification and the protection of the intellectual property: this is the detailed focus of the deductive dynamics underlying the spirit of research of General Topics.

“The future is open”


When an idea undergoes experimental verification, it evolves from an intuitive and subjective moment into a concrete and tangible possibility, thereby generating intellectual property. General Topics has protected its scientific heritage by filing over 30 patents.